Squashing into the Spotlight: Harnessing Share of Voice for Olympic Success

The induction of squash into the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics, as decided on October 16, 2023, at the IOC session in Mumbai, represents a major development for the sport. This inclusion not only highlights squash's increasing global appeal but also underscores its potential for further growth.

What do squash fans like?

In this context, Share of Voice (SoV) emerges as a vital tool for understanding and expanding the squash audience. Contrary to being a mere data analytics firm, Share of Voice is a turn-key solution for brands, offering strategies to enhance growth, engagement, and monetization of their audiences. Its role in squash's Olympic journey is pivotal, providing insights into the sport's demographic spread, which is crucial for tailoring marketing strategies and content to better resonate with a diverse audience.

This information becomes especially valuable in the run-up to the Olympics. It enables effective targeting and engagement of both existing fans and potential new enthusiasts, ensuring that squash not only garners a wider following but also maintains a strong connection with its core base. The Olympic platform, coupled with Share of Voice's strategic insights, sets the stage for squash to not only make its Olympic debut but to do so with a significant and engaged global audience.

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