Share of Voice launches the first-ever platform providing free access to big data for struggling athletes.

Established in the scenic city of Lausanne, Switzerland, a new digital marketing company has emerged, bringing innovative solutions to the world of sports marketing.
In a strategic partnership with Audiense, a leader in social intelligence and audience analysis, they have developed Sponsor Seeker, a revolutionary platform designed to bridge the financial gap for struggling athletes.
This platform aims to harness the power of big data, aiding athletes in creating engaging content and paving their way to secure funding. Its utility extends beyond individual athletes, offering insightful resources to major brands, sports leagues, and agents to help them better understand and connect with their audiences and monetize.

What is Sponsor Seeker? online presence, brings a plethora of invaluable features to the table. It showcases profiles of athletes, teams, and leagues and dedicates comprehensive sections to major upcoming events like the Olympic Games. Another innovative feature is its data points, providing insights into the gender and age demographics. Interests and affinities are also available to athletes that sign up for the platform. Lastly, it includes growth strategies, coaching and explains the data's significance in simple terms.

Share Of Voice and Audiense remain committed to refining and expanding the platform's capabilities. As they continue to add new features, Sponsor Seeker is set to transform the landscape of sports marketing, benefiting athletes, brands, and fans alike.


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