Decoding Gen Z Surfing Fans: From Green Skepticism to Authentic Engagement

Surfing enjoys a global fan base. By examining active social media users engaged in this sport, a numerical representation of them has been attained (watch the video below). It's clear that the surfing community, along with many others, holds significant concern regarding the climate crisis.

In this setting, a deeper exploration into Generation Z was undertaken. Their doubt toward brands employing greenwashing tactics is unmistakably evident.

Here's why:

🔍 Informed Choices: As digital natives, they effortlessly verify brand claims, making it challenging for brands to exaggerate their eco-credentials without backlash.

🌍 Values Matter: Gen Z's purchasing choices heavily align with their values. They resonate with brands that genuinely stand for social and environmental causes.

🗣️ Trust in Peers: Word-of-mouth can make or break a brand's reputation, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Call-out culture is real!

💡 Past Lessons: Having observed brands' promises from earlier generations, they possess a heightened sense of scepticism towards unsupported claims.

But the game changes with big data. At Share of Voice, we've harnessed the power of big data to decode the nuances of reaching Gen Z effectively. It's not just about making noise; it's about authentic resonance and knowing where they are so you can better target your messages on marketing or communication campaigns.

Authenticity, backed by data-driven strategies is your golden ticket.

Discover the brand affinities of Gen Z's that like surfing

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