Cricket, Connectivity, and the Olympics: Tracing India's Digital and Demographic Journey Toward LA 2028

According to projections by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India's population is expected to reach 1.49 billion by the time the Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympic Games are inaugurated. The burgeoning population of the world's most populous nation is noteworthy, particularly as we approach a pivotal moment: the prospective inclusion of Cricket in the Olympic Games for only the second time in history. The sport made its lone Olympic appearance in 1900, featuring only a men's contest, which saw Great Britain clinch the gold medal.

As we navigate through the 2000s, an intriguing pattern emerges in the intertwining narratives of India and the Olympics, revealing a trend that might escape the casual observer. A meticulous analysis of the top three most-engaged Instagram posts between January 2016 and the present demonstrates India's prominent presence, being featured in two of the top three posts.

Top three Instagram posts with #Olympics since 1 Jan 2016




Cricket enjoys unparalleled popularity in India and commands a significant fanbase worldwide. Hence, the sport's linkage to the Olympics should scarcely raise eyebrows. A notable highlight is the third most-liked video post on Instagram related to #Olympics, shared by Virender Sehwag. A revered figure in Cricket, Sehwag represented India from 1999 to 2013 and is celebrated as one of the era's most explosive openers and accomplished batsmen. His post lauded Neeraj Chopra's golden javelin throw at Tokyo 2020.

The #NeerajChopra phenomenon witnessed colossal engagement on Instagram, spawning over 9,000 posts and generating 48.2 million interactions between August 4th and 31st, 2021.

In anticipation of the upcoming International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session and Sports Election in Mumbai, India, for the LA 2028 Olympic program, Cricket's potential inclusion is hardly surprising. A deep dive into global big data (June 2023- September 2023) reveals the current standing of Cricket relative to the Olympic Games and various other sports, showcasing a predictable stagnation of the Olympic Games in the absence of ongoing events.

Active Meta users across Cricket, Wrestling, Badminton and the Olympic Games

As the decision on Cricket's inclusion in the LA 2028 program looms, it is undeniable that the Olympics' reach is poised for a significant expansion. Preliminary data affirms this notion and offers a glimpse into the magnitude of its prospective growth.

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