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Simplifying big data to power intelligence, strategy, distribution and monetisation.

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Global Communications and Marketing experts with a proven track record across various sectors including profit and non-profit organisation.

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Distill high quality data into actionable insights which can be applied to strategy, content creation, distribution and monetisation.

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Unveiling Rugby's Global Passion: Fiji's Triumph & Data-Driven Insights from Rugby and the World Cup

World Cup in France sees Fiji's historic win over Australia after 69 years. Analyzing 2.5B data points revealed 117.6M rugby enthusiasts. Data-driven strategy is key.

Betway & Arsenal's Partnership: A Deep Dive into the interests of people in the UK, France and Italy

Betway partners with Arsenal; UK leads in 2023 gambling trends per Share of Voice data analysis."

A look at the data behind the Rubiales #Seacabó moment that is eclipsing the FIFAWWC 2023

The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup set records, but the Ruibales #Seacabó moment shifted focus. Using media benchmarks, Google Trends, and more we measured the impact.

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